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   Workshop for kids ‘Children of the Renaissance’



           Art Class Küsnacht

            Zürichstrasse 150, Küsnacht


The Renaissance was an explosion of ideas, education and literacy for adults. But what about the children during the Renaissance? Even though they were allowed to play, they were expected to act, talk and dress like adults. Children were treated like small adults. Especially the princes and princesses from the wealthy courts. They had the best teachers, the best books and the most expensive clothes. Clothing was an important status symbol during the Renaissance. During this workshop we are going to take a closer look to the children portraits of the Renaissance. How are their expensive garments depicted? Sometimes it’s so beautifully done, you can almost feel the texture of the satin and velvet. In the second part of the workshop you are going to try to achieve the same result by painting a child portrait in Renaissance style.

… Don’t forget to reserve your spot, space is limited!


Date:   Friday 30 April

Time:   10.00 hrs. – 12.00 hrs.

Class:   Maximum 6 persons, age 8 -12 years

Costs:   CHF 100,- per person (material, drinks and snacks included)


Please sign up via email:, or send a

DM via Instagram: vforartofficial or artclass_kuesnacht


This workshop is provided by Art Class Küsnacht led by artist and art teacher Young Lee and VforArt founded by art historian Chantal van Vlijmen.

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We are looking forward to welcome you!