VforArt is an organisation dedicated to promote art in original ways. Is specialised in various customised art programs, in Zurich, Switzerland and abroad. Aims at commercial and non-commercial organisations.


  • VforArt’s tours and events are custome made: They are made in complete consultation with the client
  • Among the possibilities are city tours, museum tours as well as exhibition tours
  • Interesting and pleasurable aspects are combined in a good manner
  • Arrangements can be made at any day of the week, during the day and evening
  • Lunch and dinner can be arranged
  • The languages are: English, German or Dutch

Chantal van Vlijmen –Freelance Art Historian

I am based in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m passionate about sharing my love for art in an engaging and interactive way. I first developed interest in art history after a trip to Rome, I was impressed by the beauty of its art and wanted to know more about the meaning behind the art and the artists. I have been fortunate to follow my passion, first as a student and after as an art historian. As a student, I had the opportunity to travel for my study and to visit exhibitions. This is something I enjoyed greatly, as it’s a fantastic way to visit a city. It’s a pleasure that I now share with my clients. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in art history, at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My area of specialisation is Medieval art. For my thesis I did an interdisciplinary research to the change of setting, iconography and style of religious themed art in Early Netherlandish Painting, in the period 1400-1450.

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